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Frequently Asked Questions

While some procedures may vary from state to state, we believe these frequently asked questions will help you with some basic questions you may have about the process of fingerprinting as a civil applicant.

  • What is an ORI number?

    An ORI, or Originating Agency Identifier, basically identifies the agency that has originated a request. For a civil applicant, it's the agency that has told you that you must undergo a fingerprint-based background check. The code is assigned by the FBI or a state's main law enforcement agency based on state or federal legislation that allows or requires applicants for that agency to undergo the check. Further, it tells the law enforcement agency conducting the background check who to send the results to. The authorized agency is not allowed by state and FBI rules to share the results of the background check with any other person or entity. An ORI will generally be a 9-digit alpha-numeric code consisting of 2 digits identifying the state and 6-7 numerals and perhaps ending with a letter.
    Some states issue Agency ID#'s which follow a different format but serve the same purpose.

  • Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

    Reasons vary but generally your agency or employer is required by state or federal legislation to conduct a fingerprint-based background check on you before employing or licensing you. Many times it has to do with safe access to vulnerable populations like children or the elderly or to sensitive information or systems.

  • Why fingerprints?

    Fingerprint-based background checks offer a greater degree of accuracy for comparison to criminal history record databases housed by state and federal law enforcement. Names can be faked, whereas fingerprints are much more difficult to counterfeit.

  • What does the background check look for?

    The background check consists of fingerprint-based searches of state and FBI Criminal History Record Information databases and name index searches of computerized databases. These databases contain criminal arrest and conviction information.

  • I was fingerprinted 3 months ago for a school. Now I'm opening a child care facility and am being told that I need to be fingerprinted again. Can't you just use my fingerprints from before?

    Generally, because of state and FBI rules, you must undergo a new fingerprint-based background check for each agency that requires you to do so. MorphoTrust USA doesn't store your fingerprints for use at a future date. You should register using the new agency's ORI and complete the fingerprinting process for the new requestor.

  • I was fingerprinted by you a year ago and now an agency is asking for my fingerprints. Can you please send me a copy of my fingerprint card?

    We are not able to provide you with a printed copy of your fingerprint card. Be sure to clarify with your agency whether they need a physical copy of your fingerprint card or if they need you to complete a fingerprint-based background check. If you need the background check, you should register using the new agency's ORI or Agency ID # and complete the fingerprinting process for the new requestor.

  • Can you please send the results of my background check to another agency (or person)?

    When you register and schedule an appointment with MorphoTrust USA, the record is submitted with the ORI you provided. That number tells the state police in your state what agency is authorized to receive the results of your background check. If another agency or company is requiring you to complete a background check, you'll need to register using the new ORI and complete the fingerprinting process for the new requestor.
    The state police in your state conducts the state and FBI criminal history record check and sends the results directly to the authorized agency. MorphoTrust USA never has access to the results of your background check.

  • I was just notified that I have to be fingerprinted for a state where I don't live. How can I do that without traveling to that state?

    For most of the states serviced by MorphoTrust USA, applicants can meet the fingerprint-based background check requirements as a non-resident. Detailed instructions are included in your state's "Forms and Links" section ( Checks, money orders, international money orders or international bank drafts should be made out to "MorphoTrust USA."

  • How much will it cost me to be fingerprinted?

    Fingerprinting fees vary according to state and the reason you're being fingerprinted. The fingerprinting fee will be provided during the appointment scheduling process. If you are submitting fingerprint cards as a non-resident, please contact us for fee information ( including information about which state you are being fingerprinted for and the reason you are being fingerprinted.

  • I don't live in the United States but I still have to complete the fingerprinting requirements for a State Agency. How do I do that?

    You can meet the fingerprinting requirements as a non-resident applicant. Detailed instructions are included in your state's "Forms and Links" section ( Checks, money orders, international money orders or international bank drafts should be made out to "MorphoTrust USA." Keep in mind that all fees must be paid in U.S. funds.

  • Can I just send you a fingerprint card from my home country's police agency?

    You will need to request an FBI Civil Applicant Fingerprint Card (Form FD-258) from the agency that is requiring you to be fingerprinted.

  • Can't I print out the fingerprint card from the FBI's website?

    MorphoTrust USA is not able process paper copies printed out from the internet. You will need to request an FBI Civil Applicant Fingerprint Card (Form FD-258) from the agency that is requiring you to be fingerprinted.

  • I am a non-resident applicant and sent fingerprint cards to MorphoTrust USA. When should I expect to receive a receipt?

    We make every attempt to process fingerprint cards within 3 business days from the day we receive them. Once your fingerprint card is processed, a receipt is generated and is generally sent out 3-5 days from the time the card is processed.

  • How long does it take for results to come back? Will they come to me?

    The period of time it takes for results to be sent to the authorized recipient varies. Generally the results of a fingerprint-based background check are sent to an employer or licensing agency. Usually this takes a week or so but it may take longer for the employing/licensing agency to complete their internal processes. You should check with your agency to ask how long it takes them to receive and process the results.

  • I was arrested for a misdemeanor when I was younger. Will that show up on this background check?

    The answer depends on when and where you were arrested and whether you were convicted. The answer also depends on how old you were when you were arrested. For further assistance with this question, please contact the state police in your state or the state agency you are being fingerprinted for.

  • Why can't your office tell me the results of my background check?

    For security and privacy reasons, MorphoTrust USA does not have access to the results of your background check. We can sometimes provide information about whether or not the state police have received and processed your background check but the results belong to the authorized agency and cannot be shared with any other person or agency.

  • I was fingerprinted when I was in the military. Can't you just use those fingerprints?

    MorphoTrust USA does not have access to any fingerprints you provided in the military or for any other purpose. We are required by the state police to collect your fingerprints and demographic data for each required fingerprint-based background check.

  • There is a MorphoTrust USA Enrollment Center in my town. Can I have my fingerprints taken by livescan at your facility and submitted to another state?

    It is not possible at this time to submit fingerprints collected electronically in one state to the state police in another state. Most states do have, however, procedures for completing fingerprinting requirements as a non-resident applicant. If your state allows you to submit fingerprints to MorphoTrust USA as a Non-resident Applicant, you will find a link to an information sheet under your state's "Forms and Links" selection (

  • I was fingerprinted by MorphoTrust USA but have decided not to complete the hiring/licensing process. Can I get a refund or have the results sent to a different place?

    MorphoTrust USA is unable to process refunds once the transaction has been processed. When we collect your fingerprints and demographic data, we send them electronically to the State Police and the transaction for which you've paid is completed. The fee you pay MorphoTrust USA is made up of the State fee, the FBI fee (if an FBI check is required), an agency fee for some applicant types, and our fingerprint rolling fee. All of these fees are non-refundable once your fingerprints have been submitted.

  • My ID or drivers license is expired. Can I still use it?

    No, we are required to accept only current IDs or licenses. If your ID or drivers license has expired, you will need to renew it before you can be fingerprinted. If your out of state license or ID has expired, but you have a valid passport, military ID, or Alien Registration Card, we can also accept those.

  • I just moved here and don't yet have my drivers license changed over. Can I use my drivers license from another state?

    Yes, as long as the license or ID is still valid. If it's expired, you will need to get a state ID or drivers license or provide another form of photo ID such as a valid passport, military ID, or Alien Registration Card.

  • I was told something showed up on my background check. What do I do now?

    Each state and the FBI have procedures in place to allow individuals to perform a Personal Record Review. For instruction on how to obtain this report from your state, please refer to your main state law enforcement agency's website. Instructions for the FBI check can be found here:

  • I've received notification that my fingerprints were rejected. What do I do now?

    If you have received notification that your fingerprints were rejected, you will need to be fingerprinted again. When you schedule your appointment, be sure to note that you have received a rejection notice and this is your second time being fingerprinted. With this rejection notification, you will not have to pay for fingerprinting the second time. Please be aware that these procedures vary from state to state. You can obtain further information from MorphoTrust USA's Customer Service Center.

  • I've received a second notification that my fingerprints were rejected. Do I just have to keep being fingerprinted?

    If you have received a second rejection notification, please contact your agency to find out how they require you to proceed. Generally agencies will be able to generate a name-based check after your second fingerprint rejection.

  • Why were my fingerprints rejected?

    There are a number of reasons fingerprint submissions can be rejected. The most common reason is lack of fingerprint ridge detail. This can be caused by professions that work with corrosive or abrasive materials such as cleaning materials, stone work, etc. Another factor may be age. As a person ages, sometimes fingerprint detail is lost. Approximately 1-5% of the general population is affected by this issue. MorphoTrust USA makes every effort to ensure that demographic data submitted with your record is accurate and formatted correctly but this can also sometimes be a factor.

  • I think it would be great to set up an Enrollment Center in my town. How do I get started as an MorphoTrust USA Partner? Is it like a franchise?

    Our Enrollment Center Partner program is designed to work with established businesses in select areas who want to provide an additional service to their community. It is not a franchise opportunity which would allow you to set up a new company to provide only enrollment services. MorphoTrust USA's deployment of Enrollment Center Partners is decided according to our network needs in certain areas.

  • Who do I make my check payable to?

    You can make checks or money orders (if allowable by your state's program) payable to "MorphoTrust USA."

  • How do I submit fingerprints for the State of New Jersey?

    For applicant fingerprinting in the State of New Jersey, this work is contracted by Safran MorphoTrak, our sister company. Scheduling through MorphoTrak is accomplished via their web link or by calling the 877-503-5981.

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